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etichette bianche per basse temperature
Etichette bianche per basse temperature - det1     

White adhesive labels with permanent glue, suitable for low temperature. The adhesive offers good adhesion on materials like polyethylene. Applicance temperature: up to -10°C. Service temperature up to -30°C

Suitable for supermarket and food industry. With safety edge. Pack of 20 sheets in A4 format.

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PL115700 38,1x21,238.121.265201300rounded9,698,728,237,75
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PL115710 63,5x29,663.529.62720540rounded9,698,728,237,75
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PL115720 63,5x38,163.538.12120420rounded9,698,728,237,75
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PL115730 99,1x38,199.138.11420280rounded9,698,728,237,75
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PL115740 99,1x67,799.167.7820160rounded9,698,728,237,75
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PL115750 199,6x143,5199.6143.522040rounded9,698,728,237,75
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