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etichette bianche in carta lucida
Etichette bianche in carta lucida - det1     

Adhesive label in white glossy paper at high resolution. Suitable for laser printers. Designed to print high quality images with brilliant colours. With safety border. Pack of 20 sheets.

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Label size (mm)
Size (mm) base
Size (mm) height
Labels per sheet
Sheets per pack
Labels per pack
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PL115500 63,5x42,363.542.31820360Ovale11,4910,349,779,19
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PL115510 96x63,59663.5820160Ovale11,4910,349,779,19
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PL115520 63,5x38,163.538.12120420rounded11,4910,349,779,19
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PL115530 99,1x67,799.167.7820160rounded11,4910,349,779,19
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PL115540 99,1x13999.113942080rounded11,4910,349,779,19
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PL115550 199,6x143,5199.6143.522040rounded11,4910,349,779,19
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PL115560 199,6x289,1199.6289.112020-11,4910,349,779,19
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