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White adhesive labels in roll, in vellum paper with permanent glue. Designed for printing labels for laboratories, as a matter of fact the adhesive features good result on small diameters like test tube, vials, plastic containers.

Available with internal core mm. 40

Data sheet (178.37 KB.)

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Price per unit €
Label size (mm)
Size (mm) base
Size (mm) height
Internal core (mm)
Outside diameter (mm)
Labels per roll
Rolls per carton
Labels per carton
Perforation between labels
Vertical gap
1 +3 +6 +12 + Quantity
EXER520010 30X403040409510001212000not3.183,012,712,562,41
subtract add
EXER520020 35X203520409519001222800not3.22,822,542,392,26
subtract add
EXER520030 45x254525409515001218000not2.943,473,122,952,77
subtract add
EXER520040 47x274727409514501217400not3.013,683,313,142,95
subtract add
EXER520050 50x305030409513001215600not2.324,113,693,493,29
subtract add


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