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etichette bianche (20 fogli)
Etichette bianche (20 fogli) - det1     

White adhesive labels with permanent glue, suitable for all ink-jet and laser printers and copiers. Ideal for printing labels for shipments, documents, letters and customized any object. With safety edge.

Pack of 20 sheets in A4 format

Data sheet (94.61 KB.)

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Label size (mm)
Size (mm) base
Size (mm) height
Labels per sheet
Sheets per pack
Labels per pack
1 +3 +5 +10 + Quantity
PL110100 45,7x1045,710112202240rounded6,525,875,545,22
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PL110200 70x3670362420480live cut6,525,875,545,22
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PL110300 70x50,87050,81020200rounded6,525,875,545,22
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PL110400 70x67,77067,7820160rounded6,525,875,545,22
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PL110500 78,7x46,678,746,61220240rounded6,525,875,545,22
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PL110600 97x67,79767,7820160live cut6,525,875,545,22
subtract add
PL110700 105x37105371620320live cut6,525,875,545,22
subtract add
PL110800 105x7010570820160live cut6,525,875,545,22
subtract add
PL110900 105x14810514842080live cut6,525,875,545,22
subtract add
PL111000 147,3x16,9147,316,91720340rounded6,525,875,545,22
subtract add
PL111100 190x3819038720140rounded6,525,875,545,22
subtract add
PL111200 190x611906142080rounded6,525,875,545,22
subtract add
PL111300 210x14821014822040live cut6,525,875,545,22
subtract add
PL111400 210x29721029712020-6,525,875,545,22
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