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Etichette in PP gloss clear

Adhesive label in gloss clear polypropylene designed for inkjet printers with Memjet technology.  The face material is designed to give excellent density, print definition and vivid colours with photo ink. Quick drying and enhanced moisture resistance offer good handleability after printing. Suitable for external application such as chemical or  cosmetic field.

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Label size (mm)
Size (mm) base
Size (mm) height
Internal core (mm)
Labels per roll
Rolls per carton
Labels per carton
Vertical gap
1 +3 +6 +12 + Quantity
EXER144210 50,8x25,450,825,450,81200448003.4635,7832,2028,6226,83
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EXER144310 76,2 X 50,876,250,850,8535421403.6243,2838,9534,6232,46
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EXER144410 101,6x50,8101,650,850,8535421403.6251,6046,4441,2838,70
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EXER144510 101,6x76,2101,676,250,8365414603.1751,6046,4441,2838,70
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EXER144610 101,6x152,4101,6152,450,818547403.1754,3048,8743,4440,72
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EXER144710 50,8x25,450,825,4762300492003.4646,8342,1537,4635,12
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EXER144810 76,2 X 50,876,250,8761250450003.6265,8559,2652,6849,39
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EXER144910 101,6x50,8101,650,8761250450003.6289,2480,3271,3966,93
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EXER145010 101,6x76,2101,676,276850434003.1788,9380,0471,1466,70
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EXER145110 101,6x152,4101,6152,476425417003.1789,2480,3271,3966,93
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